If I Write. 

I just finished watching the film If I Stay and here it is, 2:42a.m. in West-Central Minnesota. Snow is in the forecast. It’s cold. It’s winter. And millions of people are sleeping. Some are playing an instrument. Others are making memories. And others, are hoping it’s not their last day here. Still others, don’t even realize that crossroads is coming- today. 

Yes, today, accidents will happen. People will be in hospitals getting treated for every ailment under the sun. And people will lose their chance to say good-bye. They will lose their chance to say, I Love You!! 

A film that really gets you thinking doesn’t come around very often anymore. Well, okay, for me it does. But, then I wait until almost 3a.m. to blog about it in the slim, grain of sand in a universe of sand, chance that it will make a small difference for someone. I hope it’s you. 

I hope you know you have no idea what could happen today. I could go into work this afternoon and have a gun pulled on me. In six years it has never happened, but today could be that crossroads. 

If I knew this was going to be the last post I ever sent out to the world in hopes that it saves someone’s life, or that it causes someone to create a miracle for someone else– this is that post. 

Dearly Beloved, 

We are gathered here today to get through this thing called life. 

                                              ~ Prince 
And we need to start getting through it together before another soul is lost!! You have value. You have a worth that is more than any previous gold or silver ever created in this world. God loves you so incredibly much that He died for you! As you go about your day, think of how you can help someone else– and then do it. Brighten someone’s day that you will never see again. 

Our journey’s continue and what if the one person you were meant to help, or God-forbid save, you just walked right past? If you are reading this and it causes a stir in you to pay closer attention to those around you before you are shuffled off this mortal coil, then my job is done! Even if it’s only one. For that one, you made a difference. And if it was because somewhere in the world you read these words, then my job is finished. 

We never know what can happen from moment to moment. But before another moment passes, know that I love you. Know that Jesus Christ, The Only Son Of God, loves you more than any one of us can begin to understand in this lifetime. 

Sometimes a film comes along that causes us to really think. Sometimes a blogger writes a piece that really gets us to think. When we think, we need to take action. Thoughts can only be great when they cause us to make a positive change in the world. I’ve done my part, now it’s up to you. 


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