Apparently It’s All Meant To Be Simple. 

We are all bloggers, writers on this site. So, I like to look for quotes to write about. Pick the word of the day, find a quote that relates to it, and just write. Simple, right?

Today’s Daily Post Word Of The Day happens to be Simple. So, I went to typed in Simple Quotes and apparently there are simple quotes for every emotion and action under the sun. We love everything to be simple, don’t we? And Google says it’s possible. We just need to look for every problem we have with simple quotes after it! 

If only life were like that. A quote cannot fix every issue we have in the world. Communication can. And maybe we can use a quote to begin the conversation. Next time you have a problem, go to google and put Simple Quotes in the search bar. It should help. And that is the simple way to go about it. 

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