Unfiltered Filter. 

When I ponder The Daily Post Word Of The Day Filter, my mind goes in a thousand different directions. 

My editor mentioned the currently popular Snapchat Filters. You wanna speak like a dear, or Black Swan, or a large number of other things you can do on Snapchat? Well, have at it! I even got a Snapchat account. I don’t use it. It’s just not my thing, I guess. 

Filtering water, that’s a good filter. We have so much water crisis in this world and we need to fix it. Flint, Michigan is still experiencing polluted water. Why can’t a dozen or more plumbers realize there is a problem and donate their services to try to fix it? If we worked together, the filtering process would be solved. 

A camera filter. A photo is never the real thing. Snapchat wants to take a person’s face and make it completely something it is not. I take a picture of myself with my phone and I see age. I see weight that needs to go away. I see a face I should shave everyday, but I don’t. 

Which brings me to the most important filter– our personal filter. What thoughts are we letting invade our mind today? Are they planting seeds of positivity, or are they creating doubt and divides? 

It has been said that words become actions. Well, if we are not filtering our words through truth, grace and love, we have got it all wrong. And we wonder why our world is becoming more divided than ever before? It’s because we are filtering the wrong things through the wrong filters. 

If we filtered everything we say, do, and think through the filter of The Holy Spirit, we would see a world filled with seeds of The Holy Spirit. Which would, in turn, create fruits of The Holy Spirit. 

Can you imagine a world full of love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control?! That would be an amazing thing where we all could be free to be our best, because we would all be seeking the one who has our best interests at heart. 

That would be an amazing filter, where we would not even have to be filtered! 


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