Unfiltered Life. 

Life happens. People breathe. People live. People go through good times and bad. People get diseases. People go hungry. People don’t feel love. People don’t feel appreciated. Eventually, through all the good and the bad, we all die. 

And so many of us, myself included, live so much of our life on social media. We form opinions. We voice them from the safety of our computer screens. They may be in our offices, or even in our warm, comfortable homes. We can even voice our opinions on our phones. We carry our experiences with us to share with the world. 

But, we are filtering out reality and, in real life, it’s hurting us! We need to begin to live an unfiltered life. We need to get in there and get busy with humanity. We need to stop living through filters of cell phones and opinions. 

Our opinions need to be replaced with heart-felt, in your face, unfiltered actions. You want more love in the world? Be more loving. You want more peace in the world? Get in there and stop the fighting. Find peaceful resolutions and you will be making a difference in the world.

All the social media posts in the world and all the news stories being shared in the world will not make a difference until we take away the filter of it all. 

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