Shine Jesus Shine!! 

I looked up the definitions of Quicken and according to Merriam Webster it also means to shine more brightly!! I wish more people would do this. Whether you believe it or not, you have a Holy Fire within you! We were all created with God’s Holy Breath within us! As newborns, I believe, we know this and we feel it. We see miracles all around us. As we grow older, our spirit begins to harden and the light becomes less bright if we don’t continue to fan it and keep it alive. 

What are you doing to fan the flames of the Holy Spirit today? Can others see the shine of Jesus within you? 

Center Of Attention. 

There once was a time I would enter a room loud and boysterous!! Boysterous? Is that meaning boys are loud? Anyway, I digress. 

As I have grown older I have mostly become comfortable with being in the background. That is, unless I am doing a D.J. Systems show. I like to get our name out there and make others curious about what awesome things we can bring to any event where sound and music is needed. We do so much more than just D.J. and I want to make the name center stage. 

I have come to know that those who need to be center of attention are often inconsiderate of others and what they have to say and what they can bring to the table. This is not how we are meant to live. We need to become considerate of what others have to say and can do. We all have our own special gifts, and if we are not willing to let them be in the spot light every so often we will definitely be missing some important things that we could be meant to learn in our life. 

Stay the course, listen and share the spotlight and center of attention with others. We could all end up learning a lot more by practicing these tactics. 

Tunnel Vision. 

Too many of us get locked into our own worlds. What would happen if we made every single other person we came into contact with the center of our focus? 

We are never the center of our Universe. But imagine the positive changes that could take place if we would make every other person within our reach the center of our universe. And maybe, you are feeling a pull to expand your universe. If you feel drawn to help others in another city, or God willing, another country, do it! Do not hesitate!! You have a sphere of influence and that is the only center you are in control of within the whole universe. But, the good news is, your center of your circle can move!! So, move and change the world!! 

Off Center.

I truly have been feeling off center for quite some time. Don’t get me wrong, life is awesome!! But, more often than not it has seemed for years that something is just off center. I can’t put my finger on it, but it is a Universal problem. 

There is a religious practice that says to ‘Find your center’, we are to find balance in all of life. Here’s the thing, even our planet itself is a gyroscope. It doesn’t balance on center either. Every orbit has an oblong orbit, it is never a perfect circle. And yet, they are balanced perfectly within the Universe so one planet never crashes into another. 

Maybe faith is where we find our center. We need to just have faith that we are not in control, but unseen forces are. Do they have our best interests at heart? I believe they do, but someone battling a disease, or deep loss of a loved one may see it differently. And that is because our focus of center is always different for every person. 

What is in the center of your life today? I guarantee you, whatever is center in your life is where you will focus and ultimately where your path will take you. Make sure your center is worth running to. 

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times!

Truly, I had an awesome week!! But my blog? Not so much! It suffered, horribly! It didn’t die, but this was the lowest week on record for any activity on my blog. And yes, because I was out living life and didn’t put much thought into the blog this week, it is my fault. 

I didn’t really read much of anybody else’s writing. I did a few, but not nearly as much as I have. And that was because I was extremely busy. Can I really take my blog along in my life? I want to include the world in the goings on, but wow! 

Like, today, it was my birthday. A day filled with love, and food, and doggie walks, and bingo!! Yes, by God, there was BINGO!!!! Amazing turkey sandwhiches, benefit lunch and benefit dinner!! It was amazing!! And I didn’t have time to tell everyone until now. And my blog has seen its worst day and worst week on record for activity. Oh well, I need to find a balance to get involved, and keep everyone else interested in reading my inspirational life. It’s out there somewhere.