Entertaining Angels. 

There is so much negativity in the world today. People can be so selfish and seek only their own desires. I admit, I am guilty of it too. What’s in it for me, is a common phrase. 

But today, my world was completely flipped!! I got a new wheelchair today. I’ll post pictures later. But what got me was before the wheelchair arrived at our house a dear friend of ours showed up. He knew the wheelchair was being delivered today and so, I didn’t even think anything of it. He said, ‘I wanted to be here when it was delivered so I could see your face.’ 

The chair delivery man showed. And our friend handed me a newspaper. Inside the paper was two envelopes. One was a card with a serene waterfall on the front with a bunch of names written inside. The other envelope was filled with cash!! The exact amount of cash needed to pay off the debt of the wheelchair. 

See, here in The United States our health care has us pay a certain percentage of the cost. I am actually totally cool with that, nothing for free, right? Well, I was wondering how we were going to come up with over $600 for the cost. 

Then today happened. Amazing that angels are watching over us all the time!! Do not EVER discount the fact that Jesus has you in the palm of His Hand. Miracles happen all the time from ordinary people. 

I just wanted the world to know this world is FULL of good hearted people who will always be there to back you up!! They are angels among us. Do not ever feel alone. Do not ever feel despair!! God loves us all and He has this covered! Whatever it is, He has it!! Believe and receive. 


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