Opportunities And Differences. 

I find it interesting. Today, I was searching for a life changing quote about Recognize, or Recognizing. Each quote I came across spoke on the importance of recognizing opportunities and differences. 

We have many opportunities to celebrate our differences these days, but we seem to be stuck in The Land Before Time. Do you know of or remember that cartoon from the early 1990’s? ‘Cera! Three-horns don’t play with long necks!’ A children’s cartoon tried to teach us a lesson we still haven’t grasped today!! 

God makes us all diverse!! We need to celebrate our diversity. We need to come together as one humanity or we will certainly fall apart. If God wanted us all to be the same, why did He create us all so differently? There is no two human beings ever created exactly the same. Even complete twins on the outside have a completely different viewpoint of life! 

We need to recognize when we are going against God’s plan for love and unity and we need to do an about face and turn from it! If we are not doing God’s will, I am through mincing words here, if we are not doing God’s will, we are participating in Evil. Period. End of story!! Anything that is not of God is evil. 

We need to recognize our fellow human beings in need and help them. Now, on the flip side of that, we cannot all reside in the same space. You cannot plant two trees in the exact same spot and expect them to flourish. Trees need to bloom where they are planted. So, what does that mean? 

When a tree, or human, needs our care we don’t have to ask them to come to us. We need to go to them! Back in the old days, I don’t even think it was all that long ago, when a person was sick the doctor would make a house call and go to them. Why do we not do that anymore? We need to recognize that some of the old ways were trying to tell us that they worked just fine. Not everything needs to change. Not everything needs ‘Progress’!! Sometimes, progress isn’t progress. We need to recognize these things as well. 

We have an opportunity to celebrate our differences and help the world heal today. Jesus traveled to those in need. He didn’t ask them to come to Him. Although, some did come to Him and He never turned them away. We need to recognize that we can help the world right where it is. Can we do that today? Can you help your community? Your neighborhood? Your town? Your city? You would never ask it to move. Help people right where they are. Recognize those differences and celebrate them. That is God’s plan for our world. 


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