City Of Questions. 

I have been home sick today with the cold, congestion, achy, crud going around. I have no idea why I can’t shake it at least once this year. Every time it comes around work, I get it. 

Well, tonight while trying to flush my body out with fluids I watched City Of Angels. And I got to thinking, ‘What happens to Seth Plate?’! ‘Does he find love again?’ ‘Is he allowed to become an angel again?’ ‘Does he meet an angel and fall in love creating a circle of events similar to the first film?’ 

I mean, seriously! Why do films end? There are plenty of storylines that are wrapped up in a neat little bow, and we accept, that’s the end. Okay, moving on. But, life doesn’t end, why should the characters we love have an ending? Would you like to see a City Of Angels part II?! Wouldn’t it be awesome for Seth to arrive in some midwestern town after the events of Maggie’s death? Maybe he just needs to get out of California? Why not Minneapolis or Chicago? 

How would you like to see the story continue? 

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