No Fear, No Tremble!! 

Here in The United States we now have a country living in fear. We now have a country trembling apart at the seams and I honestly cannot stand it silently any longer!! 

What part of The Bible do we not understand? Have no fear. Period. God has this all under control. Are we called to do things? Yes. But we are called to help people where they are. We are called to take the spec out of our own eye so we can see clearly to remove the log in our brother’s eye. Sound familiar at all? 

When we go to remove the log from our brother’s eye we are not to say, ‘Hey, come here so I can help!’ NO!! And let me make this abundantly clear, WE ARE TO GO TO THEM. Period. Go to Egypt and Syria and all the ends of the world… not, hey, come here. We need to help people where they are planted. 

When we go on to someone’s home turf, they have the home field advantage. We need to adapt to their customs and become one with their society. And then we need to introduce them to the help that only Jesus Christ can provide. Can that cause anxiety and trembling? Only if we lose focus on who we are representing. 

Represent Christ. Read The Bible practice what God says and we should stop trembling with fear. No fear, no trembling. And Jesus is the answer to that. Help the world where they are. Go to them. Clear? 


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