Do You Hear The People Sing?

I am not one to get political. I like to rise to a higher call. God has all of us in the palm of His Hand. But, we live in a world that is full of unrest. We live in a world that feels its citizens are not being treated fairly. Are they being heard? Are their cries for equality going unnoticed? Only time will tell. 

And when I think of today’s Daily Post Word Of The Day Heard my mind goes into so many directions. I prefer concepts that I can speak on. A single word is open to so many interpretations and I have the capability of speaking on them all. It creates much more musings for my blog, but the meanings can sometimes get lost. 

It took some time, but This Song came to mind when in study for today’s word. It is a relevant song to so many things going on in the world today as well. I hope it blesses you. 


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