Lukewarm Passions. 

A friend once asked me, ‘Why does nothing change?’ This friend was speaking about all of the divisions she sees in the world. My opinion matters and yours is wrong because it differs from mine mentality. 

I answered her in one sentence, because we are all lukewarm. We have a world of people who are passionate about any variety of things, feeding and finding homes for the homeless, vets, women’s rights, homosexuals rights, disability rights, freedom from this, and freedom to do that. I could literally go on for days writing a list. 

Why does nothing change? Because we are passionate about talking. Because we are passionate about holding signs and marching. But we are not passionate about giving food to the hungry. We are not passionate about clothing the naked. We are definitely NOT PASSIONATE about learning and then acting out the true giving of ourselves example of Jesus Christ. In that area, we are not only lukewarm, we are frozen cold. And if we continue to let His character not be exemplified we will lose all notion of Him within three generations. Mark my words. 

The time to get passionate and on fire about love and giving for others is now. The time to give extra is today. I am raising money for a fundraiser near and dear to my heart. My father-in-law is in the final stages of alzheimer’s and cancer. I am rolling on his behalf along with my wife at the Alzheimer’s walk in Willmar, Minnesota at the end of September. You can help Here

I am still warming up in many areas of my life. I hope that we can all stop being lukewarm for our fellow human beings. And that means putting our differences aside. Christian, non-Christian, gay, straight, male, female, black, white, Asian, any race, creed, color, ability, or disability, again, this list can go on and on. We can talk all day about our differences, or we can heat up the conversation and talk about what we need to do about things. 

Are you passionate enough to act for your passions for other people today? Are you lukewarm so you won’t put your money where your mouth is? The time to heat up our actions and stop being lukewarm is today. Millions of people are depending upon us acting on our passions today. Will this post light your fire? 

I Make Positive Actions Come True, will you I.M.P.A.C.T. today?


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