Life’s Highest Purpose. 

This is for The Sandbox Writing Challenge #76. What is Life’s purpose? 

No lengthy titles, no piles of possessions or money. My purpose is not to elevate myself. Is it nice if these all occur? Sure it is. But, it is not the end all be all of my existence. 

To say my life is a success, I need to elevate others to their purpose and I need to be as close of an example of Jesus Christ as I can be. Do I do these things at all times in all places and in all ways? Not even close! But, God exists. God forgives. And God creates changes within us when we give Him our all. 

My purpose, is to introduce as many as will listen, to Him. And in this way, I should be willing to step out of my comfort zones and help as many others as I come across, no matter the cost to me. Including my life. That is the highest goal, the greatest purpose. 


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