Lost In Tralsnation. 

Different minds, 

Different views, 

Different ways of seeing the exact same thing. 

It is an art-filled world, 

Filled with art-filled problems. 

No two people ever see anything exactly the same way. 

The difference all lies in the translations and sometimes, the lies are found in the translations. 

Will we ever live in a world where a=b and black=white, he =she? Then there is my viewpoint which is rarely taken into account, the view of a disabled man. Four feet from the ground, rolling as best he can through a world filled with snow, stairs and barriers. You won’t keep me from my goal. 

Some will translate this as a poor me, others will see power to all people. And it will mostly be seen from a million points of view. And will all be right? 

Translation happens from our own point of view, two doesn’t always equal another two. But in this world there is me and you. Word to word and eye to eye, can we translate together and help us all get by? 

I didn’t mean to sound poetic, some may see my thoughts as quite pathetic. But there we are again, translating based upon your thoughts, fears, experiences and more. 


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