Busy Day!! 

I am a D.J. for D.J. Systems out of Montevideo. Today we drove to Marshall, Minnesota, just over 40 miles away and set up a whole new show!! 

Shay’s Lounge at The Ramada Inn in Marshall, Minnesota is proud to present Saturdays and Sundays with D.J. Systems!!! And the best part is, the owner has enough faith in me and my wife and one of our friends that this is our show! We run it! So, I wanna make it fly!! 

Sorry if I didn’t write enough inspiration for you fellow bloggers and blog readers today. My schedule was full and the day kinda got away from me. I will always find time to write about my adventures, but it may take some time. If we are living our lives it is difficult to be tied to a computer screen, right? But, this is why I blog. I want to share the good times and the bad times with you. To be an encouragement as we travel this road of life together. I hope you are all well. Now, what was the Daily Post Word Of The Day?

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