Hidden Spaces. 

Image from http://www.keystonerv.com

We all do it. There is not a one of us alive who has zero secrets from no other person on this planet. We don’t air all of our dirty laundry to everyone, because, who can you really trust? 

Do we feel safer in our hideout? Or do we feel worse? For me, having something that I don’t want to or can’t share with, at the very least, my wife truly hurts me. She is the one I have chosen to share my entire life with and that is the good and the bad, happy and sad, rich times and poor times. She knows the deepest darkest parts of me. And I feel our best relationships should be like that. 

When someone is in a hideout they want to know there is at least that one person who knows every detail of the plan and is in there with them. For a married couple, that should be your spouse. Without complete open communication and having things in which to hideout creates a lack of trust. Without trust there is no love. 

I want to encourage couples today. If you are in a hideout, allow your spouse into the deepest darkest places of that hideout. You don’t need to be battling anything alone. That is what a partner is for. 

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