Listen To The Rhythym!! 

My brother was in SuFuDu the summer of 2004. I remember this specifically because that was the first summer I was in radio broadcasting with Lakeland Broadcasting out of Willmar, Minnesota. 

I remember they had a cadence where they would say, ‘Listen to the rhythym of my drum!’ I always got such a kick out of that and had such pride in the entire group (especially my brother) as we would walk parade routes performing. It was so fun meeting people, seeing smiling faces and listen to the drum line keep perfect rhythym with each other in steps and their drums. 

We can learn a lesson from that. Life moves smoothly when we follow the rhythym of it. Fall into a step and follow the beat of the cadence and all will work out fine. But you also have to pay attention to your surroundings and the leader of the band. 

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