Listen To Your Heart. 

Recently I had a friend who was asking for relationship advice, this person needed to decide if they were going to keep seeing two different people, or if they needed to decide on one or the other. Almost everyone was saying, Follow your heart. Here is the problem with that, your heart can have false beats, it can skip beats, it can speed up, or it can slow down. Every single human being alive does not ever have a consistent, one-hundred percent, same all the time heart rate– ever! So, to say to someone follow your heart is bad advice!! Its rhythm changes! Our minds and hearts change. 

To remain in a rhythym we need to seek the advice of the only one in the universe who never changes– God. Without His consistency, our rhythym will certainly be off. 

2 thoughts on “Listen To Your Heart. 

  1. I really adore the quote in the image above. “There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” It speaks so deeply to me. How much better off would we be if we sat quietly and “listened” to our internal voice; that does not speak, yet tells us so much.

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