Don’t Live An Arid Life!!

Find what excites you!! Find what lights your soul on fire with a passion to do it better than anyone ever has before! I have finally done that. It may take walking through a desert, but if you keep going, you will find your oasis. 

Working with a mobile D.J. company by the name of D.J. Systems has led to my fire in my belly! No dry, devoid of life moments for me now! We are less than one week away from my djaying two nights a week!! I cannot wait! 

But it took a desert to get here. In 2009, right around this time of year, I was fired from what I thought was going to be a long-lasting career. I was an admissions counselor for my alma mater Brown College. Turns out, losing that job was the best thing and the worst thing all at once. 

I was earning good money at that time, but I was not wise with how I saved it or how I spent it. Look at The Bible, sometimes we are lead into the desert, dry, arid times of our life to teach us something. It even happened to Jesus for 40 day. My career never recovered in the cities and I fell into depression and incompetent spending. A change needed to happen. 

In 2010, I moved back to my hometown area. I graduated high school from Montevideo in 1994. I never imagined this move would be a permanent fixture, and I couldn’t be happier it did. I am happily married, I work my absolute dream job as a D.J. and it’s hard work, but I love it!! 

If you would ever need a D.J. or a sound engineer professional, we do it all!! 

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