Nothing Good Can Come Of It. 

The Daily Post Word is Jiggle. How do I make that positive and inspirational? There is nothing inspirational about jello. I suppose if I had a journey where I could speak about the loss of my own jiggle and my move into a healthier lifestyle that would be awesome!! Has it happened yet? Nope!! Why? Because I gained 4 pounds of jiggle this week!! No, I am not upset about that AT ALL!! 😤😤😤😤😤

Ya try to do everything right and ya can’t get rid of the jiggle. It’s frustrating. But, I want you to know, if you are in the battle of the bulge, stay the course!! Keep fighting the good fight and the jiggle will eventually disappear. 

Huh, I guess I did find a way to speak positive about jiggle– Now get rid of it all!! Everything that jiggles has no place here!! Muhahahahahaha!!! 

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