Center Of Attention. 

There once was a time I would enter a room loud and boysterous!! Boysterous? Is that meaning boys are loud? Anyway, I digress. 

As I have grown older I have mostly become comfortable with being in the background. That is, unless I am doing a D.J. Systems show. I like to get our name out there and make others curious about what awesome things we can bring to any event where sound and music is needed. We do so much more than just D.J. and I want to make the name center stage. 

I have come to know that those who need to be center of attention are often inconsiderate of others and what they have to say and what they can bring to the table. This is not how we are meant to live. We need to become considerate of what others have to say and can do. We all have our own special gifts, and if we are not willing to let them be in the spot light every so often we will definitely be missing some important things that we could be meant to learn in our life. 

Stay the course, listen and share the spotlight and center of attention with others. We could all end up learning a lot more by practicing these tactics. 

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