Off Center.

I truly have been feeling off center for quite some time. Don’t get me wrong, life is awesome!! But, more often than not it has seemed for years that something is just off center. I can’t put my finger on it, but it is a Universal problem. 

There is a religious practice that says to ‘Find your center’, we are to find balance in all of life. Here’s the thing, even our planet itself is a gyroscope. It doesn’t balance on center either. Every orbit has an oblong orbit, it is never a perfect circle. And yet, they are balanced perfectly within the Universe so one planet never crashes into another. 

Maybe faith is where we find our center. We need to just have faith that we are not in control, but unseen forces are. Do they have our best interests at heart? I believe they do, but someone battling a disease, or deep loss of a loved one may see it differently. And that is because our focus of center is always different for every person. 

What is in the center of your life today? I guarantee you, whatever is center in your life is where you will focus and ultimately where your path will take you. Make sure your center is worth running to. 


2 thoughts on “Off Center.

  1. Make a protein shake, turn around -load into the washer, walk away…forget the shake….open a grapefruit, hear “moooooooom!” in a different room, walk away….forget the grapefruit….load dishwasher, shut the door but don’t start it….turn around and grab an orange, peel the orange….look up to see both protein shake and grapefruit with in 2 feet of each other. OK THEN! I won’t be hungry for a while!

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