It Has To Be Said. 

It is currently, 2:38a.m. here in Minnesota. I need to be awake and at work by 9a.m. Why do I find myself often in insomnia Hell??! Well, tonight that answer was found in the blessing of quite possibly the best show I have EVER seen!! That show is The Kindness Diaries. A man goes on a journey around the world on a yellow motorcycle with a sidecar. Here is the catch, no money, no friends. He relies only upon the kindness of complete strangers for food and lodginf, because seriously, those are the only two things needed to travel the world. The rest is pure luxury. 

Immediately my brain goes to Hey, my wife and I can do that!! But, we have no motorcycle. But still, we can do that! Tonight as I was leaving work I provided a need for a local friend. The need is not important. What I provided is not important, what is important, I answered the call in my spirit. 

What would happen if we would all do this? Kindness can cover a multitude of sins. The Bible uses the word Love covering a multitude of sins, but love and kindness are interchangeable. I wish we would learn that. When we are not kind, we have no love. When we are kind, we have love and should be willing to give all.

I will now get 4.5 hours of sleep before a full day. And it was to share this message with the world. Love all! Share kindness. Trust. Have faith that when you do the right thing (which ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS acts in Love) you will be provided for, that means in safety and in all ways. Be kind. Help everyone you can. And give back. 


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