Think Before You Speak. 

Earlier I stated that we should not hesitate. But, then I got to thinking, what about words or actions that cannot be taken back? 

A hurtful word should be hesitated and meditated upon. A weapon used in anger should be hesitated upon. 

If your purpose is to injur another with words or deeds, not only should we hesitate, but we should find a new course of action. 

We need to follow the example of Christ. And we cannot follow His example without Him being present in us. Our nature is never like His. 

So, don’t hesitate one second longer and ask Jesus Christ to come into your soul and be Lord over your life. Then don’t just leave Him there without consulting Him. Communicate with your Father who Loves You!! 

When you feel like a mistake could be made that will injur another, don’t hesitate to call on the name of Jesus! He will always provide a way out. 


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