Today’s Daily Dose! 

I am usually not one to be negative, look on the bad side of things type of guy. Today, the universe is making that really tough!! 

As most of you know, I am a D.J. with a mobile D.J. company here in West-Central Minnesota called D.J. Systems. We are definitely doing well as far as mobile D.J.’s go in this area. But, every once in a while you can come across a client that simply doesn’t care. I had a run in with this client today. I will not say who, when or where this client is to protect their innocence. Because, in reality, not every client needs or wants a D.J. 

This particular client is a business client and they heard of us through the grapevine and wanted to bring us in to see if we could draw in more of a hip crowd to their business. Sure! We can do that. But, they want us to do it their way. Nope, we have been doing this a long time and we know what it takes to help a business. They expressed serious doubts to me today and I will now bend over backwards through flaming hoops to prove their doubt wrong. 

I know I should be using this to spring me into awesomeness, but really, I am kind of at the point where I want to just cancel the whole thing. A D.J. is not meant for everybody. Being one, or hiring one. Are we prepared to do everything music and sound related for you? Sure we are!! On that, I have zero doubt! But it makes for a long day when nothing you can do will make the client doubt your abilities any less. Sometimes, you just have to know you did your best and walk away from the doubt of life. Prove ’em wrong, I say!! Make no one doubt you ever! 


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