Details Can Be Beautiful. 

Our dog Rollie (pronounced Roll-E) lies at my bride’s feet, off into puppy dreamland. My bride, wearing a faded yellow tee-shirt and jogging pants, lazily holds on to her half-filled, blue water bottle. A distant look upon her face as she watches the end of Blue Bloods season 6 episode 16. 

The washing machine whirs into the spin cycle below our feet in the wash room downstairs. A subtle wind blows through the open window behind me in the kitchen. It’s a dull chill, and yet, it is relaxed and comfortable. 

Our two cats, Mew and Butler, are asleep on the $18 trampoline bought from Walmart so my wife can continue her health and wellness journey without putting too much strain on her knee she had surgery on early this past year. The wind blows to the North outside taking with it leaves and debris. The thought comes to mind that there is new life coming from the old one that fell this last autumn. 

Two empty cat beds lie in front of our wooden entertainment center which is filled with my bride’s nick nacks, Schoolhouse Rock game cards for children lie dusty and unused on top of our, likewise, unused and dusty vcr/DVD player. It is true, some things in this house are unused, but they don’t go unloved. 

We live in a home full of love and devotion to life. How can we suck the marrow out of every day without choking on the bone? (Thank You, Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society). I own that film somewhere. Quite possibly in The I watched dvd’s that lie in waiting to be cherished again below the family heirloom clock made by a Hutterite Colony in Montana. It was given to us as a wedding gift by my mother-in-law who lives far too far away for our liking. We both wish she could be closer here to us. 

These are only a few of the details of this moment in time in my life. I will continue to write and include as many details as I can, because it was thanks to the film City Of Angels I hope to one day write as well as Earnest Hemingway, hopefully without the disasterous end to my life as he endured. Google it. 

I was inspired to just write as many details about this moment in time because I realize moments truly are precious and not just as figurines made in great detail by an artist I enjoy. I hope you all find time to take in the precious moments and the details that lie within today and all days going forward. 

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