The Desires Of My Heart. 

We all have desires. Desires for that perfect job. Desires for that perfect spouse. Desires for that perfect relationship. Desires to reach our dreams. Sometimes we even have sinister desires. Desires to cause others pain. Desires to have someone else fail. Desires to hurt someone as they may have hurt us. 

Desires can fuel us onward and upward, or desires can propel us straight into a brick wall of destruction. We must be very careful with our desires. My desire is to see an entire planet that puts others before oneself. I would be ecstatically happy to see a world full of true altruism. Altruism can only come from God. 

The funny, yet sad, thing is, even those who do things for everyone else are not ever going to be true altruists. They may simply desire the warm fuzzy feeling it gives them to be a helper for as many others as they can reach (that’s me), but that isn’t even true altruism. We do something because of a feeling or reward we get, nope, not quite on the mark. We will always miss the true target of altruism until we seek the thing greater than ourselves, God. 

What are your desires today? Are they a desire that others can latch on to and perpetuate the goodness to others? Or are your desires to cause others pain for your own gain? This world sees far too much of that. Be the change of blessing this world so desperately needs and I promise, God will change the desires of your heart. 


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