Be Not Nervous. 

If you’re not nervous, it’s not important. 

I still remember the day as though it was yesterday. It was June 12, 2013. It was a Wednesday. That was the day I made the decision to change my life forever. 

I purchased an engagement ring from Walmart, it is a beautiful ring with two engraved crosses on either side of a line of diamonds running up to a single diamond in the middle. My wife still loves that ring! 

It was June 12, 2013 when I thought I was keeping a good secret to propose. I told my girlfriend (wife-to-be) that we were going out to my parents farm so I could mow the lawn. Mistake number one was wearing a long sleeve button-up shirt! She knew something was up. 

I hid the ring on a necklace around my neck underneath my dress shirt and tee shirt I was wearing. This was the time in our relationship when she used to cuddle up next to me while driving down the road. She told me later she felt the necklace and knew something was up. 

I said, ‘Let’s take a quick Polaris ride around the lake and see if we see some wildlife.’ In that area it is quite possible! It is truly a slice of Heaven in Southwestern Minnesota. We proceeded around the lake. I don’t remember what we saw. As we got back to the yard we stopped in front of the gazebo we had talked about getting married one day. My wife is one of those people we were lucky enough to know right away with one another, This is it! This is the one! Three weeks into our relationship I ended up in the hospital with a bad blood infection. Talk about being nervous!! That type of life event will prove if your relationship is meant to last. It is. 

We will be married for 4 years coming up in June. We have no idea what the future road holds and we are not nervous about it. What happens, we will see it through. We know there is always a greater purpose. 

Be still and know is something we try to live by. When God holds your future there is no reason to be nervous. 

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