30 Days Of Sunsets. 

When we encounter the death of a friend and it doesn’t seem to us like it was time, we can often seek internal reasoning and asking our spiritual side for comfort. Such an event happened to me in the last couple days. Granted, I hadn’t become close to the person until recently and only knew them from some local community events, but they were a young person (62) and really brought a lot of sunshine to our community. 

From what I understand, it was a tragic snorkeling accident that caused my friend to leave us so soon. And this got me thinking about all the subtle nuances of life. Questioning How many more? on various events of life. How many more Sunsets, how many more hugs, how many more chances to let a friend know I am here and I am listening. How many more chances to reconnect with the hundreds of people I truly should connect with? Even within those nuances of relationships there are subtle nuances. And, for me, it all keeps coming back to Sunsets. 

Have you ever looked at a month of Sunsets and really examined all the subtle nuances of color and mixtures of color in each one? No two are the same and no two on any given day at two different locations are the same. And yet, there are those who don’t believe there is a creator painting these moments for us. Inconceivable to me!! 

I want you to take the next 30 days and examine in silence the sunrise, or the sunset. If you have the means, examine both. Study the colors. Is there clouds mixed in one day and clear the next? Are there days where you can’t even see the sunrise or sunset through the clouds. How do you know it’s still there? There are a million little things proving to me that there is a God who loves us more than we can humanly fathom. And it is these subtle nuances that are different every moment of every day that tell me so.

What do you see in the sunrise and sunset? Take the next 30 days and find out, and then tell us all about it. 

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