Every Painting Has A Painter. 

I love the artwork of Thomas Kinkade!! I had the honor of meeting him in 2004 at the mall of America. He had a gallery of his works there and came in to work on a painting for a day. 

The patience it took to make each brush stroke count was awe-inspiring to me. And it helped me look deeper into his work. There are so many subtle nuances he created. For example, in his Disney works, did you know he painted a Mickey Mouse into each painting?! 

Thomas Kinkade was known as The Painter Of Light and his ability to make the images jump off the canvas amazes me still to this day. If you need some light in your life, check out the work by Thomas Kinkade. And really study the paintings. I can still go back and find new things in his work I never noticed before. And it brings back so many great memories of a time gone by in my life. 

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