Questioning The Chaos Of Patterns. 

Pattern. Organization. Order. Beauty. Expectation of results. Chaos. Theories. The Universe. All that is. Is there more? Things we know. Things we don’t know. Things we don’t know we don’t know. 

The human existence is a pattern. We are born. We live. We experience. We grow. We die. But then what? What happens after life? Can just the Universe create a pattern, or does it need a higher power to set the pattern in motion? Can the force that sets the pattern in motion change the pattern? Is there free will? Is a pattern predetermined? Does that predetermination take away any power of free will and choices? 

Do patterns only exist when we observe them? Can one pattern influence the outcome of another? Quantum Physics. Are we always the observer? What if our simple thoughts make a difference? 

Can we create a new pattern? Can we break the old ones that do not work? 

This Universe is full of patterns if we would just open our eyes and see. 

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