The Sound Of Silence. 

There are some sciences going on that study our thoughts effects on water. I find this interesting because even in our own silence science has proven that there are murmurs held within our very thoughts. 

In Peter Pan, a happy thought can cause us to fly. With a littl bit of Pixie Dust, of course. What if we could really do that in our daily lives? What if we realized that our negative thoughts, no matter how obtuse we believe them to be, will have an impact on the world. And how far will that reach be? Could our thoughts create a murmur on the other side of the world? Can we, in fact, will our world into better health and prosperity? Is it possible? 

A murmuration of birds can create beautiful patterns. And the actions of each bird creates lift and flow for the other birds. Each bird reacts to the actions of the other birds and they flow together in beauty. What if we realized our own murmurs within our soul can do the same thing? Will we crash into one another, or can we create something beautiful that will lift others up? 


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