Inspiration Cafe’

From our greatest setbacks can come our greatest triumphs. I cannot recall who said that originally, but it holds true. 

This morning as I woke up I had a message waiting for me from my editor. In short, it said, I am sorry to say this at the start of your day, but there are those who are putting into question your Christian faith. Apparently, I had showed grace and respect to the wrong person who had caused a member of their family great pain. And when I didn’t stop speaking to this person the offended party took offense to me. It happens. 

Well, it was not the first time this week that I was struck with harsh words, I pray it is the last as I have a couple very important D.J. shows with D.J. Systems this weekend. To bring any disparagement to that company would cause me great pains, indeed. But, as the great orator who spoke those words I typed earlier said, when we are feeling set back our greatest moments may rise. It is no different with this. The notice of someone putting into question my Christian beliefs, especially when they themselves claim to be Christian could have been meant as a serious setback, but it brought forth a great new undertaking! 

I responded with a Facebook post that stated ‘Inspiration Cafe’ is closed!’. It was this post that lead me to realize Inspiration Cafe’ would be a great name for a blog of positive writing. If I may be so bold as to dream, I would like to see it become a worldwide massive blog that anyone and everyone the world through would be able to visit and find the daily filling of their cup, so to speak. 

We all have massive things to accomplish in our daily lives. Today, for me, it is the kitchen cleaning and laundry to be put away. It may not seem like a massive goal for many, but believe me, it has faultered for a few days. I admit, I became dehydrated the last few days once again and my health has got the better of me. But, as anyone who has been held back before, I have sprung forward and I am moving on today. 

Even if Inspiration Cafe’ never takes off beyond the writing of this post, I hope you all know I will do what I can to help you reach your dreams no matter how massive they may seem. Remember, God never calls the qualified, He qualifies the called. 


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