True Power Can Be Controversial. 

The thought of being for others, working for others, doing for others has been in my spirit so much lately. Yesterday, it entered a conversation with one of my best friends,  brother really, who told me he sees me and my wife as the true examples of what Christianity should be. When we have extra, we share it, no matter the resource.

Jesus is the perfect example of giving. He gave everything, including His own life. And He still lives. But, ever since it seems Christianity has been a insurmountable source of controversy. Why? Because we as human beings have tried to force it under our own power. 

When did we forget, when Jesus resurrected He left His entire power with those of us who believe. We have the power to live as He did on Earth and still does today. But so many of us are not tuned in. We seek our own selfish desires to an end that does not match up with Jesus. We discussed this same thing in church this morning. Drop everything and folllow me. You’re a tax collector? Drop your business and follow me. You’re a fisherman? Drop your nets and follow me. 

It was a controversial instruction to say the least. Many of them didn’t even believe fully while they followed Jesus. They were scared. They were unsure. And yet, they did as He did. Why and when did we lose the ability to do that? Can we get it back? Or, would that create too much controversy to bring back to full-life the power and actions of Jesus Christ? 


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