World Of Controversy. 

I find it interesting, I googled the definition of Controversy and it stated that a controversy is an argument that takes place in public. A quarrel among two friends or loved ones in private, therefore, is not a controversy. It is a disagreement, yes, but it has not extended to the level of controversy until there are apparently on-lookers. 

Want to stop a world of controversy? Stop witnessing it. It seems to me this is the advice we give a three-year old. When a parent wants to stop a negative behavior from their child, what does psychology say to do? Ignore them. Don’t feed into the tantrum. 

Those who wish to bring peace to this world will walk by all Controversy. But, aren’t there some controversies that need to be answered, or are they defined as something else entirely? Does anyone wish to discuss these thoughts? Or am I alone on this? 

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