Miracle Of The Day!! 

I don’t know if anyone (other than my editor) who has noticed, I haven’t written much since about, oh, Saturday, I guess. My body has once again let me know the tiny things are in charge!! 

Without my knowing it, a bacterial infection entered my body through where else? My foot! A tiny cut produced a bacterial infection that took two days to take me out! Today, I went to the doctor. What did he prescribe? Two weeks foot elevated and antibiotics that will make me sick 3 times a day!! Great! 

Now, it may sound like I am complaining, and I probably would be if I wasn’t serving a really big, awesome, real God!! I go to the doctor today and find out I am basically on two weeks bed rest until the infection hopefully clears out. There’s a few other things I have to watch out for, but I won’t bore you with those details. No, this post is about His Miracles! 

Today rollingblogger.com not only had its best day of 2017, but this was easily in the top three, if not the top two best days on record!! And it all started with a terrible circumstance. 

My point is, you can always find a reason to dance in the rain. You must always find a reason to kick up the water in the puddles!! Manure may fall on your garden, but it sure helps your flowers grow! You can’t see a rainbow without the rain! 

Just when you think you are falling behind, God can bring along that extra boost that shoots you among the stars!!! Stay the course and keep doing what you can, there could be a miracle in your day!! 

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