Things We Cannot Change. 

Our world seems to have major problems with acceptance these days. We seem to need to change everyone and everything to our own view of acceptance. That has to be so tiring. I know just thinking about it causes me exhaustion. That could be because I am fighting off yet another infection today. 

Speaking of things I cannot change, I was born with Spina Bifida. It is not something I can ever change and it has taken me nearly 40 years to accept that and roll with it (literally!). And yet, we live in a world that is constantly trying to change things now. Change our views, change our political system, change our coping methods that have worked for centuries because they don’t make us feel good. Seriously, when did we stop accepting responsibility??! That seems to be something that is long gone, but really only died out within the past decade. 

This world is going to consistently throw things at you that you simply cannot change. You cannot will into being a major basketball star, you cannot wish for a million dollars and wake up a week from now and simply have it. And yet, our world seems to think it should be so. 

Change the things you can change and work hard to improve the rest. That is the ONLY method of change that will work in this world. Period. Accept it. Get up. And move on. Millions of people do it every day. And yet, we always only talk about the ones who don’t, why?! Make this world more positive by being a positive player in it. Take actions! Help others. Don’t rely on others or governments to give you what you need, create it! And if you have more than enough share it. Accept that we are all in this world together and we are all endowed by Our Creator with rights to live and pursue justice and happiness. 

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