Well, That’s Just The Way It Is. 

Part of handling my disability is staying on top of a lot of things. When I let these things slide for even a day or two, injuries and illnesses happen. 

Is it my fault my current predicament has occurred? Yes. Could it have been prevented with even greater diligence to keeping an eye on things? Yes. Could it have ended up a lot worse if I didn’t jump on the issues as soon as I noticed they had arisen? Yes. 

I will accept the fact that I am now out of work for two weeks. I will accept the fact that through greater diligence this could have been prevented. I will also accept the fact that with my disability these things are often unseen until it is too late. I was diagnosed, once again, with cellulitis this afternoon and the doctor said soups, fluids and keeping my leg elevated as much as possible. 

How did this all start, you ask? A small sliver of a cut on the bottom of my foot between my toes I didn’t even know was there until a couple days ago. The joy of not feeling is you just accept when things happen. This is true in the emotional and physical realms. All it takes is the smallest breakdown in the security of my skin for MRSA to return and cellulitis to take hold. Once it’s in there, only antibiotics kill it. 

I will solemnly accept my banishment to the recliner for two weeks as my doctor has ordered. You may believe I will use this as a vacation, but trust me, I do not feel well with this infection now making itself known. I will not accept it’s permanent residence within my body and it will, once again, be banished to the outter rims of my body. The sad thing is, once it’s in, it cannot be killed. It can just be kept at bay. So, this lifelong sentence of flair ups of bad germs in my body I too will accept and fight every single time they arise. Because, that’s just the way it is. 

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