Cause And Effect. 

Everything we do is a symptom of something that has been done. It doesn’t matter if it is directly, or indirectly, related to us. We experience things, we react. We may learn that it was not a proper way to do it. Then, we can decide will we try that way again, or will we change any or all of the perameters. 

Newton’s Third Law states, Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. These words hold true in most cases, except human beings. Symptoms of any matter of events can be brought about differently from every single human being alive. For example, I have yet to see an episode of Grey’s Anatomy that doesn’t make me cry. I will further admit that this winter and the extra work with D.J. Systems I have been doing has thrown me off balance. My emotions and all current bodily issues could, in fact, be a symptom of going back to a five, or sometimes six, day work week. 

I am not every other human being who can handle that workload, I am me. And my body has had no problem letting me know when too much is too much. Take for instance, last night. Terribly violent dream where I watched two people in a basement nearly kill each other. We were playing a card game. I didn’t know anyone else in the room in real life and BOOM!! These two across the table start trying to stronghold each other and that erupted into a full-on brawl. I backed away and that was when I woke up. 

Now, brain and dream science says that is a symptom of some issue I am experiencing and not taking care of in my waking life. My health, perhaps? I wish I could get a more regulatory sleep schedule. I know I should eat better. Yes, dammit! I know I should drink more water!!! Speaking of that, I watched a terrifying video on Facebook today about chemtrails and the level of tin being placed in our atmosphere which gets into our rain water, which then gets into our plants and rivers– Scary! 

But see! Again, there is that cause and effect thing. Someone produces this video, which may or may not have a shred of truth to it, and we all become paranoid about what THE MAN is doing to us without our concent. 

Control is a symptom of fear. See! It all circulates. Everything. When will we realize that even our own thoughts are a symptom that of the world we live in? But, we can still control those. So maybe we can control the genesis of the change in the world to become more positive with our thoughts!! Oh, if only the world would completely join in this crusade to become better. Our symptoms would be less dire. 


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