Symptoms Of Separation. 

The way we communicate has changed throughout the ages. What once was audible grunts and slamming a rock or a branch against the ground or another surface has evolved into creating false images of ourselves, in words and pictures. 

We have gone from the early 20th-century of ‘Oh, my dear boy! Hear! Hear!’ To ‘Twerk it like Miley!’ Our world has become all about self-image. Is this a symptom of something, or is this just the way it has always been? 

Am I saying I want us to go back in time and live in a by-gone era where people were still trying to work it all out? No! We have made many progressions in our world that I don’t want to see disappear. But, my friends, we have a long, long, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG way to go!! 

In my honest opinion, what I do see, at least in society here in The United States, we started a slippery slope backwards a long time ago when we put money in front of family. We slipped backwards when families have to spend days or weeks apart because they all have to work so much not just to keep up, but survive!! And that is a symptom of greed. That is a symptom of wrong decisions. 

There is still time to correct it, United States! We are still in this thing. Our country is not a dead nation!! But we need to stand together, or we will surely fall!! And no matter what that is going to take a huge act of faith on many people’s part. We need to quit the feuding over things we can’t control. The feuding is a symptom that things have been wrong for a while now. It’s funny about humans, we tend to only react when things begin to boil over. We need to continue to watch the pot, and occasionally stir it and add some saltiness so it doesn’t boil over. 

How do we do that? We discuss opinions openly and listen. We find new ways to look at things. The key is to be open to change, whatever that may look like. It may look like a bad thing at first. It may look like it’s gonna hurt. But, who knows it could turn out alright. Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. We all need to learn to just go with the flow because in the end, every little thing, is gonna be alright. 

The symptoms may look bad, but if not addressed, a small cold can turn into a full-blown flu. We need to address the symptoms of separation we are experiencing, not only here in The United States, but all the world. We need to come together and work for our fellow human beings as one. Who’s with me to end the symptoms of separation?! 


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