There Is No Such Thing As Ordinary. 

When I type Ordinary Defined into my search bar this is what returns:

with no special or distinctive features; normal.

“he sets out to depict ordinary people”

synonyms: usual, normal, standard, typical, common, customary, habitual, everyday, regular, routine, day-to-day

“the ordinary course of events”

To say that anything in all of creation has no special or distinctive features is a lie. Everything that God created is special. God doesn’t create just ordinary. We see that in Jesus as well, who IS God. He never healed a blind man the same way. He never approached any situation as Ordinary. They all were special and deserving of His attention. 

When did we lose sight of that? We are all originals and deserving of His attention. And we have it if we would just open our eyes and not be blind to the miracles that surround us. 

You are not Ordinary. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Believe it and be the best you that God created you to be. 

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