Who Decides What Is Extra?

There are no two people ever created that are, or ever will be, exactly the same. Ever. And yet, we tell people they are extraordinary. What is ordinary and what does it take to be extra from it? 

We say go the extra mile. What if for the person you asked going to the end for you is the extra mile for them? Will there ever be two people at exactly the same point in the journey so we can honestly tell them go the extra mile? 

Why do we put so much emphasis on values of anything? I am confined to a recliner for two weeks while my best friend, pseudo-brother runs the d.j. shows. I would love to go to the finish line and do these shows with him, doctor says I can’t. 

What is value? Google.com defines it at the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. Just because something doesn’t add value to one experience should never mean it won’t in another. 

Maybe it’s the antibiotics, I don’t know. Maybe it is skeeping in the recliner, but my mind and soul are fuzzy today and full of so many rabbit trails of questions! I haven’t even hit the word of the day yet and I am already digging. This was all inspired by another blogger, Monika Sharma, Monika Sharma. Go check them out! 

One thought on “Who Decides What Is Extra?

  1. The situation dictates what is extra. Doing something for someone who otherwise can’t do things for themselves. It could be considered extra especially if the person who is doing the deed for someone else get no reward if the did gets done. Or they do not lose anything if the deed does not get done….

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