Early Morning Thoughts. 

I am currently laid up with a cellulitis infection in my leg. Getting around already wasn’t easy, but when one must keep their leg suspended in the air as much as possible it gets even tougher. 

We all go through that though. We walk around in life looking for something to make things easier. This morning I listened to a devotional sermon from Chuck Swindoll. He talked about the woman at the well and how she was thirsty and looking for water. This morning as I rose I took a shower. I was looking to feel better, cleaner. The shower worked for me this morning and if we are thirsty a well will supply our need for a time. But we will need to do it again, and again, and again, and again for the rest of our days. 

If often seems like there is nothing that will quench our thirst, doesn’t it? People often search for that missing thing in their life not realizing He has been with them the whole time. Jesus Christ is the living water, the thirst quencher of our spirit we need. And even He knows what it is like to be spiritually empty. 

When He was on the cross one of the last things Jesus Christ ever said was, I thirst. And, I have heard the crucifixion story over and over since I was a small boy– yet, it didn’t hit me until today. I am now 41 years old and I didn’t figure out until today, even Jesus Christ was talking about spiritual thirst. He didn’t thirst for water. He thirsted for His Father to turn to Him and take away all the pain. He had a spiritual thirst. We all do! But we don’t ever think to cry out ‘I Thirst!’ If we did, Jesus would be right there to fill our cup to overflowing so His blessings could be poured out on others. 

Our world thirsts. If your cup is overflowing this morning, pour it out so others may drink and be filled with His Love.


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