Health View Day Four. 

My wife says it is still dehydration, I am not so sure after many ounces of water and a bottle of aloe vera water, I am not so sure. I have been experiencing dizziness and head aches. 

This morning while in church I experienced light sensitivity. I had to close my eyes and just listen for a while. Antibiotics and staying healthy is nothing to mess with. After this bout and how much it is truly affecting me negatively health wise I really don’t want to experience this ever again. And on the other hand, my paranoia is kicking in and I am hoping this isn’t something worse. 

My immune system seems to be suffering with this course of antibiotics as well. Has anyone else experienced that? The last couple days I have woken up feeling exhaustedly tired and cold, stuffy and sore throat. I feel I should be protected on an antibiotic, or what’s the point? Why do drugs and medical advice always seem to make us worse? 

Maybe it’s time to just go the natural, God-given route with rememdies. After all, He has given us all we need. I know it seems like a lot of people have succumbed to a lot less than I have right now with medical help generations in the past. Man’s ways are not God’s ways. 

And this is my point. Even though my health is not well right now, my eyes are still on God and His Peace. One day soon my health shall return and I will continue to sing His praise. 

3 thoughts on “Health View Day Four. 

  1. The antibiotic is just going to kill a lot of bacteria, good included. It is not meant to make you feel good. Eating right (good probiotic included), and adequate water. And thieves dude! Yep, I’m siding with my other spouse on this!


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