Inspiration: In All Times And In All Places. 

I haven enjoyed watching, for the sixth or seventh time of my life, A Pioneer Quest: A Year In The Life. I wish I could just put all my thoughts into this blog as they come along. Otherwise, I need to find a way to write all the time. Inspiration can truly pop up at any time. 

I have been watching this program and these two couples from Canada who have been thrust back into the 1870’s. I began to think, ‘Wow! 130 years ago! Before flight. Before cars. Before electricity. Before any indoor plumbing. Before The Press and microphones and personal interviews spread throughout the world!’ It was, in many ways a harder time, but in so many ways, it was a simpler time. 

Had I been born in the 1870’s, I would be dead. Had I been born 20 years prior to when I was, I would imagine I would either be dead, or my life path drastically different than all the opportunities I have been given. And yet, my soul longs to try that life. Toil. Work hard. Grow things and build things with my two hands. They work perfectly fine. 

This is why I need to write as soon as I have the thought. More thoughts come in, and I lose the original path. That happens in life, doesn’t it? We seem to lose the original path and we may, or may not, work on finding a better one. 

Then, there is the divine path. I have a friend who is on a path he has no clue where it is going. So, tonight I simply was divine inspired and I said to him, ‘Do something where you need God to complete it. That will be a shining beacon to those who still need to know God.’ 

The pioneers of 130 years ago had no clue what they were getting into. And still, the ventured into the unknown. Some turned back. Others died. And then, there were those whose wagon tracks we can still follow in today. Imagine if those tracks had never been forged. 

Imagine if you have a fire in your spirit right now and you don’t follow through. Imagine you begin it, but you feel it is too hard and you quit, or turn back. What if your pioneer dream is the key to new things being discovered?! Are you willing to possibly destroy all future generations because you feel it can’t be done? 

Jump! Act! Fly into the unknown!! God is there waiting to catch you and take you to places He knows all about. 

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