Who Is In Control?

We live in a world full of different things vying for control. Lately, it has been technology and sales vying for control of our thoughts. If we see it, we must buy it, sales the sales representative. 

Organisms long to have control of our bodies. I am now on day four of antibiotics and they are not being symbiotic with my body today. Thankfully, I am just tired and short of breath today. It could be worse. Antibiotics of the past have cause severe stomach upset reactions with me and that is never fun. It defeats the purpose of trying to stay hydrated without an intravenous line pumping into me. No symbiosis happens during those times. This time, it’s a liveable situation. 

And then we have the human race. Why do we feel each other is a cancer that must be attacked these days? Don’t tell me I am wrong, just look around. We now live in a world of I’m right, you’re wrong, but it doesn’t need to be this way. 

If we could find ways that are beneficial to all of us, then we all win. And what a world that would be, right? Instead of having to be in control, give it away. Or, better yet, let God be in control. He truly has our best interests at heart. 

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