The Color Purple. 

There are so many meanings for the color purple. It can mean a person is not breathing. It can mean royalty. It can mean peace. It can be the basis for a film about the issues we had with race in the early 20th century and still are battling today. 

The color purple I wish to speak about today is Lavender. My wife and I are fans of Young Living Essential Oils and lavender is one of our go-to favorites. As we speak I am using lavender essential oil as a topical remedy to a cut on my foot which produced an infection. It is amazing how it works so well with the human body, and yet, there are people who would pay $525 for an antibiotic prescribed by a doctor, (yes, that was the cost of my original prescription given by a doctor. Talk about OUCH!) 

I highly recommend anyone to do some research on natural healing that have worked for centuries. We shouldn’t have to turn purple waiting for a miracle cure from a doctor while we turn green from losing so much money to rememdies that are never meant to help us. Medicine has become a business by MOST doctors. Don’t get me wrong, I know a few who are out for the best interests of their patients. Thankfully, during this whole ordeal, I had the privilege of dealing with one such doctor who wanted to know what was best for me. 

I hope you are experiencing the purple of peace and calming in your own life. May your day be blessed. 


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