My Elixir. 

Have you ever seen the film Big Fish? In it, the main character, Edward Bloom, discusses his life with his son. To his son everything seemed like a tall tale. It all seemed like he didn’t know exactly who his father was, and that was devastating. Can you imagine going through life not knowing someone who is supposed to be so important to you? 

I haven’t experienced that directly. I am one of the lucky ones and growing up I got to spend so much time with both of my parents and all of my siblings. I have three older sisters and two younger brothers. Life has taken us all in different directions now, and that’s just the way it goes. But, God has provided an overwhelming well of relationships for me. 

My best friend and one of my biggest pains in my butt, my wife. Yes, I love and adore her, but yes, we do get on each other’s nerves every so often. Any relationship that says they don’t have that does not have a relationship. And I think that is the world’s elixir. 

We are all here to grow, to learn, to adapt, and to change. Relationships are the best way to do that. There is no one on this entire Earth with whom you will 100% agree with every single moment of every single time. What better way to grow and make yourself stronger than to see and hear other opinions? Billy Joel said it best, ‘You may be wrong, but you may be right.’ And discussing with another human being will help you see that. 

Talk about a magic potion? Communication is the best elixir of our lives! 

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