The Problem With Elixirs.

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The problem with elixirs is simple- they are designed in the brain to take all our troubles away. Someone says, Here, drink this elixir. We expect it to be a magical cure, just by its very definition. 

There is no such thing as magical cure. No fairy wand, no magic dust or beans, no sourceror concocted potions. We need to remember how to put in the work. Trust me, it is something I have forgotten a time or two in my life; even when there is a magic potion involved to create the desired result. Need to drink the vile, disgusting prep before a surgery? Well, what if I only drink half? Will that be good enough?  I want to roll a marathon. Well, if I train for 6 months I should be able to do it, right? Nope on both counts. 

The only thing that works for anything is good, old-fashioned, tried and true, hard work. End of list. The only way to gain muscle strength is to push it further than we have before. All the protein packs and excellent diet remedies in the world are no elixir for putting in the workouts. They need to be used in combination with one another. 

So, are you ready to throw out the notion of the potion? Put down the expensive elixir and get to work. Bleed. Sweat. Cry if you have to. But put in the work. That is how you will see results. 


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