Proper Boundaries. 

Territories. Boundaries. This is where it stops. It is okay to have limits, but when is it okay to push beyond them? When you wish for growth. When you wish to expand, you must push beyond your territory. 

That is not to say we are allowed to be parasites. We cannot just use up every resource and move on. God does not desire this of us. He wishes us to be stewards of our territories. We are to grow and expand, but not at the cost of another. Is that to say we all coexist? No. That is not the answer we have tried so hard to come across either. There needs to be boundaries. And sometimes those boundaries are meant to be broken. The key is to involve The One who is already there. If God is not in the front of every one of our battles, we have it wrong. 

Let God set the boundaries of our territories and we will never go wrong as long as we seek Him. 

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