Can We Win This War?

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Not even five minutes ago I was surfing Facebook. It’s what I do. I like to be involved in my friend’s lives. Mostly, it has become sharing prefab photos, or meme’s they like. There really isn’t much original content lately. Maybe it’s just me and who Facebook allows me to see, but it’s what I am being fed. And as of a few minutes ago, it has me Fed Up!! 

Someone created a video of a man (creep is more like it) talking about this woman he met. He talks about how great she is, but she is shy. And then he asks if the person with the video camera would like to see her. He opens an interior door to a dark room and a girl on the floor looking like she is stripped to her underwear. She screams out ‘HELP ME!!’ and the man closes the door to her screams. 

I do not care what your religion is. I do not care what your lifestyle is. I do not care what degrees or career you hold. Plain and simple truth, if you do not believe this is absolutely appallingly wrong, you are not human. Period. My stomach is sick and my fire is burning in my soul. 

But, this is where we all need a change. We see this video and we find it sickening. Our stomach churns and we discuss in the comments how it infuriates us. And then we stop. That. Is. Wrong!!! Discussions that don’t lead to actions do not do a thing. 

I am overweight. I admit it. I could stand to lose about 50-60 pounds. It’s not even the pounds, I would be happy at the same weight if I was leaner and had more muscle mass to show. But, if I continue to sit in the recliner, eat mostly good food, and don’t do any aerobics and weight training, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN!  

Like muscles won’t change without being worked, a discussion on Facebook won’t do anything without any action. It has been discussed in the comment thread of this video that it has been determined to be a fake. Although, investigators in Wisconsin where a girl who matches the girl and has been verified by her own mother is being looked into. 

Okay, so, this video may be fake and it is being investigated. For me, that is not enough. We need to take a stand against these things. When you have a friend who posts one of these videos of someone being beat up, or being bullied, or God forbid, being held against their will or worse, bring the conversation to What the hell can we do to stop this behavior and stop this evil?! Sorry for the curse word, (especially if my mom reads this), but I am fired up beyond the temperatures of the fiery pits of Hell when it comes to the objectification, trafficking and sexualization of women. I will not stand for it! I have three sisters, a mom, many cousins and female friends who, if they were in that situation, I would go to the ends of the Universe to get them out and bring to justice the sickos who film this crap! 

Where do you come in on this? If you see someone post something like this on Facebook, start a conversation. Is it real? Is it being investigated? What can we do to help? We need to stop being a world that passively watches people being harmed in any manor. We need to step up and say, ‘NO! All people have the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness!!’ 

Okay, RollingBlogger, what if doing these things is what makes a person happy? You just said everyone had the right to pursue happiness. Okay, to that I respond, no means no in every single situation you come across. Free will is the ability to say no and have it stand. Once someone says stop and you don’t, you have officially committed a crime. And people need to stop being afraid to jump in and help. 

The only way evil can be eradicated from the world is to stop standing for it. Will a fight hurt? Possibly. Is it possible I could end up being hurt by helping? More than likely. But if we are afraid of a little pain to help the world, we have already lost the war. 


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